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Thursday, October 27, 2005
  Who needs a birthday cake when you've got Mexican Lasagna?
Well, I actually had this as my last meal as a 26 year old. This little ditty from good ole Ray Ray is actually one of our favorites. It looks like a big pile of mess, but it tastes just great and can be doctored up any way you want. We used ground turkey instead of chicken (though we often use ground beef). I used hot taco sauce rather than the medium, because I wanted to go out of this year in life with a kick. I served it with my now standard Spanish Rice (we have this like every other week) and a green salad with my own Avocado Ranch. I just blend up some ranch dressing (choose your favorite) and some avocado and a little chili powder. It is the perfect taste with my Mexican flavored meals.
Mexican Lasagna by Rachel Ray

Well on this, the 1st day of my 27th year, I am not cooking at all. I plan to relax, shop and then go eat some yummy, yummy Cajun food. I can't wait. Well, we are going to have some fun tonight and hopefully I will be up for posting some pictures of our party tomorrow. And since I believe that my birthday should be treated as a holiday, feel free to take off work and do something nice for yourself.
Gidget is excited for WDB this weekend, so we will be back for that this weekend, between celebrating and homecoming. Have a great one.
I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I always enjoy seeing what's cooking in your kitchen!
Happy Birthday.
That Mexican Lasagna sounds like something my BF was trying to tell me about in a "I saw it and now I want you to make it" kind of way.
Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day :)
Happy Birthday Punky!
Thanks you all. I've got some great pics to share tomorrow.
Hey lady, had fun with you tonight! Happy Birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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