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Saturday, September 10, 2005
  A culinary tribute to New Orleans
Well after working all day I was not sure I was really in the mood to cook tonight. So imagine my excitement when my fiance came by after golfing and suggested we go out to dinner. I wanted sushi (which as I am sure you can imagine is less than spectacular here in my landlocked state). We started searching all the lists of area restaurants and decided on a restaurant in midtown. This place has been around for years and is always busy. So we headed to Jazz

Jazz has mismatched chairs, writing on all the walls and some damn fine cajun food. We started with Beans and Rice with Andouille. This had just the right amount of heat. The portions at Jazz are huge and this "appetizer" would have easily filled me up as a dinner. Oh and how could I forget, the best hushpuppies I have had since my grandma's came with it. They had a course texture and this subtle sweetness.

I ordered the Crawfish Etouffee with dirty rice. The spice in this was wonderful. Granted I had to take a few breathers to cool off my tongue, but it was oh so good. And the Wonder type bread they served was the perfect match. This dish was easily enough for 2 meals in my opinion. It was loaded with crawfish.

My fiance ordered the Shrimp Etouffee with jambalaya. His was also fiery hot and just perfect. And the jambalaya had the greatest depth of flavor.

We of course had to get some more of those divine hushpuppies and I tried a side of their coleslaw. The slaw was creamy and typical of southern slaw, but nothing to write home about.

This place will definitely go in our rotation of places we can turn to. And of course, the budding cook in me is now determined to learn how to make some of the cajun classics. Oh, but where to begin...

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