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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  Greek Garden Party
One of my favorite shows is Project Runway on Bravo. Its a competition between fashion designer and they have different design challenges each week. I was addicted to the 1st season and now the 2nd. Tonight's theme was a garden party dress made all with flowers and plants. They had some really interesting dresses. If you haven't seen it, try to catch an episode. Its a keeper.

Tonight we took a little trip to Greece. Well, more like the Greek restaurant, only I was the chef. We started with a great homemade tzatziki. It was very easy and had a great little zing to it. I got the recipe from the Cooking Light Bulletin Board and will definetly make it again. Toasted up some pita and had a great little appetizer.

Anytime Funkbobito and I go to Greek restaurants for dinner we ALWAYS get gyros. While I would love to tell you that I made gyros (meat and all) tonight, lets get real and remember whose blog we are reading here. No we made Greek Steak Pitas (adapted from Cooking Light). The flavor of this was great and easy to put together. HOWEVER, I will not be using flank steak again. This is the second time I have tried it and the second time I found it tough and stringy. Ahh the curse of being raised by a farming family. Anyways this recipe will be one that can stick around, but I will use strip or something a bit more tender next time.

Tomorrow we are trying some recipes from Martha Stewart. I can't really stand her and have only made her cookies so we'll see how we end up liking these new recipes. Oh and on a totally girly note, I get to go buy my wedding shoes tomorrow, YEAH!! Can't wait to see them with my dress on Friday. Now this is the fun part of wedding planning.

i, too, am addicted to project runway. it's getting sad now that all of the good folks are left and someone has to go home.

i've been rooting for Danny V all along...i hope he wins!
I am also a huge fan of Project Runway...although I get a lot of teasing from DH for my guilty pleasure.

Your Greek Meal looks great. I've been in the mood for some Greek flavors lately, I may have to make some Pita chips an tzatziki soon!
I love tzatiki sauce. When I get a gyro, I get a little extra on the side, mix it with ketchup and dip my fries in it. Yum!
Another fan of Project Runway!
We love the Greek Steak Pitas! Funny, I was watching AB talk about flank steak and how it should be cut and I have cut it wrong before. I cut it right the next time and found it to be very tender. Maybe that is what you are doing? Just FYI.
Me and my roommates always watch that show! Ha, we love it too! But I have to say, we've never had a spread that looked as good as the one in these pix. YUmmm! Pita and anything is a big staple of mine.
I'm addicted to Project Runway as well. My money's on Daniel V.
BTW, that tzatziki sauce looks fabulous. I love gyros, and the sauce totally makes it.
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