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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  Playing blog catch up
Well, my schedule this week so far has been very good for my cooking, not so good for sleeping in. Saturday we tried a new take on burgers. The Cajun Cool Cheeseburgers (CL) were a great twist on a regular grill treat for us. And since it was beautiful out we were excited to fire up the old Char-Broil. My changes included using all ground beef (are there actually stores that sell ground turkey outside of the prepacked containers?). I also cut the blue cheese and used some gorgonzola. With some spicy oven fries and mixed veggies we were stuffed. If you make these and follow the serving size suggestion, you may have a case of the giant bun. But its okay, its not the size of your burger, its the taste and how filling it is, right?

Sunday was our super lazy meal, baked potatoes and salad. I got a little wild this time and made some carmelized onions to top mine with. It was really good and I got to use some more of my feta and gorgonzola. Being that I have had a few too many pictures of food that look like something post digestion, I thought I would spare this one for you. I also tried the brussel sprouts again. This time with a bunch of balsamic vinegar and garlic. And the verdict is in. We can live wihtout brussel sprouts. They are alright, but maybe not for us. So onward in our cooking adventures.

Monday we made an easy weeknight favorite, but actually made a bit of an effort. Chicken quesadillas are easy enough right? So I baked the chicken and then shredded it. We seasoned it up with all the usual culprits (chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder, etc.) and cooked it all together in the skillet. One of our local grocery stores has a tortillaria and so we had some fresh made tortillas, nothing better. Topped with a cheese blend, the chicken and Funkbobito's homemade pico de gallo we were in heaven. It was totally good. We also made some homemade guacamole. It was really good as well. I must say thank you to Mark Bittman for offering up our condiment recipes in his How to Cook Everything. I got a bit overzealous with the burner heat so this one looks a little toasty, but it really was great. Who knew I could make this all and have it all taste good. Yummy.

Well, not sure whats on the menu tonight, but trying to plan for our January Supper Club on Thursday. It's an Asian theme so we will see what I cam come up with.
Punky, those quesadillas look great! Have I missed the recipe?
Kudos to you for doing all this cooking lately!
How to Cook Everything is a book I really like to use for reference...one of my favorites. Nothing flashy, but good basics.
Taste > size, I say!
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