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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
  Crabby kind of day
One of the things about working retail is that you have a lot of different personalities. You have customers and other employees all with their different ways of approaching the world. Today I happened to run into a few too many of the crabby approaches. I was only at work for 5 hours, yet it felt like a week. Its never fun to spend your day trying to tip toe around those grumpy people. Anyways, after dealing with the grumps this morning I decided that we would stick with the crabby theme and try some crab cakes.

Funkbobito bought me The Food You Want to Eat for Christmas. It is by Ted Allen, the food guy on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". When I saw his recipe for Crispy Oven Fried Crab Cakes, I figured this may be a good night to try one of Funkbobito's favorite foods.

These were alright, nothing to get to worked up about. The ratio of crab to filler was great. Very crabby indeed. However, something in the flavor was not quite stellar. I am hoping that I can try it again changing up the seasonings a bit. We served it with some fresh green beans and a red pepper aioli (its a cooking light recipe). The aioli was on target and one I will use again.

So here's to a bit of a less crabby day tomorrow.
Sorry you had to deal with crabby people today! Looking forward to seeing the dinner picture!
What about the recipe for the aioli? Share please : )
Cheers to a less crabby day...I had one of those myself today...
Joe, thanks. I hope I have a few less crabby encounters today.

Cyndi, if you click on where it says red pepper aioli, I just got the recipe up for you.

Sara, I hope you have a better day today as well.
i still can't get the link for the aioli to work. Sounds so fabulous I can't wait to take a peek! ;)
Punky, I tagged you for a meme. Have fun
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