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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
  And it shall be called...
Punky's "I think I'm in the mood for Asian tonight" pork wraps. Ok, so maybe just peanutty pork wraps is faster. And I made it up all by myself. We went looking at wedding invitations last night and then stopped by the grocery store to figure out dinner. I try not to do this too often because I spend way more money. But this week has been crazy. Funkbobito moved in so we are living in sin and chaos till he gets unpacked. So anyways, after walking past the meat counter about 7 times we decided on pork tenderloin. Then the idea started to develop. Asian pork served in a pancake (or more accurately a tortilla).

Well I cut up the pork into bite sized pieces and marinated it in one of my favorite new condiments, Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce. This stuff is great and better than any peanut sauce I've made. Anyways the pork, the peanut sauce, some soy sauce and a bit of 5 spice powder all had a party in a big ziplock for about 30 minutes. I cut up a red bell pepper and stirfried it with some snow peas. Dressed that with a little soy and peanut sauce. I then stir fried the pork and mixed them all together and served on fresh flour tortillas. It was a great flavor, but I may add a bit more heat to it next time. I should say that when I say stirfry, I don't really mean it. I used maybe 1 to 1.5 tsp of oil.

I roasted some sweet potatoes and asparagus for our sides. The potatoes were simple with some 5 spice powder. The asparagus was tied in with a little drizzle of soy. Very light and tasty sides.

So I apologize for it taking so long to get this place updated, but true culinary genius takes time (*wink wink*). No really, I have turned to familiar dishes lately. But hopefully I will have something to share with you by the end of the week.
OOoo, sin & chaos!!! I love it! :) Hee hee. And of course, we understand, culinary genius simply cannot be rush.
Looks really good. I love peanut sauce.
Looks awesome!

In case you missed it, I tagged you for the 7's meme.
I think I'd rather be living in sin and chaos than, oh nevermind.
Your dish sounds great! I've learned to like peanut sauces...as long as they are also a bit spicy. Yum!
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