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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  The Flop of the Flap(jack)
Well, its bound to happen. I mean I am a new cook, I am learning how to make some of those age old recipes. So I should not be ashamed or shocked when I have a complete failure. I mean I am clever enough to know that sometimes the close up pictures on the really good blogs are to disguise the fact that their dish didn't look all that great from a distance. And I know that every cook (even the most experienced) has had something that ended up in the trash.

However, the fact that I failed at pancakes is about as sad as it can get, really. I mean who can't make pancakes from scratch? (Well the obvious answer to that is now me, if you are ever asked). I think I have made them from scratch with my mom as a kid, but I haven't really done them on my own (at least not that I remember). So I figured tonight was the night. I had already axed my "fancy" fish dinner for breakfast food because I was being lazy. The least I could do was make the pancakes, right? So I pulled out what has now become my most frustrating cookbook...The Joy of Cooking. I swear, I can't get stuff to come out right from that book. I think the potato and JOC are now my dual archenemies.

Well anyways, the batter was a little thin, but I figured it would thicken up...it didn't. But I pressed on, maybe I just don't know how scratch pancakes are supposed to look. Well, they never puffed, the smoke alarm went off, and well, just look... (I will not be ashamed, I will not be ashamed)

Pretty sad isn't it? Well, thankfully I had some mix in the cabinet (I had to use it since I had already used the rest of my eggs for scrambling). So the search will begin from this day and by George, I will learn to make pancakes (if for no other reason but to laugh in the face of these little burnt "flop"jacks). Oh just you wait JOC, I will be back and I will succeed.

Sorry your pancakes didn't come out as you wanted =( Don't give up though! Time and patience and lots of trials with some errors :)
Damn you, Joy of Cooking!! *shakes fist*

What Joe said :)
Looks like leavening was accidentally omitted? There's a (let's hope!) no-fail recipe in the Kitchen Parade archives if you're ready to try again! It's at http://kitchen-parade.blogspot.com/2005/07/cottage-cheese-pancakes.html
Hmm, before I got hooked on sourdough pancakes, the JOC was my go-to source for pancakes. Is there any chance that your baking powder is dead?
FWIW, I always burn at least part of my batch of pancakes...I think I'm going to blame it on a cheap pan that heats unevenly...
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