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Sunday, November 20, 2005
  A day (or so) in the kitchen
Well this weekend has been a good one. I had a chance to relax, and just enjoy a weekend off. So I decided it was about time to do some cooking, since last week was so embarrassing. So I turned to my Martha Stewart Holiday Cookie magazine. I have done more baking this year than ever before and am actually enjoying it a bit (*gasp*). I still have some things to fine tune, such as the stickiness of chocolate cookies doughs. But here are what I made.

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

These were really good and despite the stickiness of the dough were pretty easy. And by God they actually look like the picture. They are pretty rich, but stay fairly small so not so rich you can't finish one.

Lemon Squares

These were wonderful and also extremely easy. Though it seems to contain a few steps, they really came together really quick. The fresh squeezed lemon juice gave it a great pucker factor. And the crust was just the perfect texture and sweetness. It all balances really well. I was really excited that it was not to crumbly or dry. Really a great flavor. And holy cow I actually made my first custard. Yay me.

Simple Meat Lasagna

Funkbobito took control of the kitchen and made Simple Meat Lasagna which is from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It was just a bit too salty, but we think it was from a seasoning blend we added. It was a very basic recipe, but I often find them to be my favorites. So thank you Funkbobito for feeding my belly tonight while I was being lazy on the couch.

Not really sure I will have many new recipes in until Thursday. And this week is the 1st week of me being a manager so I hope that it all goes well.

All of the recipes sound really good. I will have to give each of them a try. Thanks for sharing
Note to Ashley: When cooking delicious sweet treats and yummy pastas, remember that your best friend lives RIGHT UP THE STREET! HELLO! I want some...
Everything looks sooo good!!!

Best wishes with the manager stuff - Yay, Punky! Woo! :)
amateur- They all turned out great. I hope you let me know if you like them.

Lydia-you know where I live, stop by. I have tons of leftovers so please come help me eat them all.

Jeff-Its great to "see" you around. I've missed your great humor. And thanks for all the good wishes on my new job.
Oh wow, those choc crackles look so like the magazine and the lemon squares look so delish too. Gee, I can't decide what I should make from my copy.
Geez...I feel good when I make one thing...but you are QUITE industrious in the kitchen!
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