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Sunday, October 02, 2005
  WDB # 3
Well, its time for Weekend Dog Blogging #3 with Sweetnicks. So this weeks entry shows a new and old take on the weekend.

Well this is actually not my dog to show off, but really how could I resist? This is Lilo and she's the new wiener dog puppy one of the guys in our wedding party bought. I know, I know, it doesn't really seem like a guys dog (I mean she is all of 4 pounds). He actually bought her for a friend's little girl and then they decided they couldn't accept it. So here is his act of friendship. She is a little spitfire. We are good buddies and love to play together, until of course her puppy playing leaves yet another welt on my arm (with a 17 year old dog you kind of forget about the puppy biting thing).

And as any proud momma, I must post a pic of my old gal (they say contrast is good in any collection of art, contrast with a theme). Anyways. This is her Christmas morning, dealing with mom practicing with the digital camera I had just opened. As you may be able to tell from the squinting, she could still kind of see last Christmas. I don't know, I think this picture is too funny.

Have great weekend.
Weiner dog!! No fair!

Your puppies look well taken care of!
Waaaahh! I want Lilo!!
Oh my....the puppy is just too cute. Words cannot express the moans and groans I just made trying to get the hubby in here to look at the cute pic. He commenced and left with an "uh huh"....great enthusiasm huh. Great pics!!!!!
awww, a cute dabble weiner. I love my weiners!!
I found your Dapple weiner on the Sweetnicks site after the WDB. I have a picture of my 4 grown and very spoiled babies on there too. Mine are 8,7,5,4. I have to say as cute as they are, they are a bear to house break. I have talked to other doxie owners and they tend to agree. But seeing how cute they are, makes using a roll of paper towels every week almost and I did say almost bearable! Good luck with your new baby! Just gotta love 'em when they are that small!
The weiner dog is sooo cute!
The pic of your baby made my laugh--I have several squinty eyed pics of my own dogs.
Life w/o our doggies would certainly be boring, wouldn't it?
A week later and I STILL want this puppy dog... !! Lilo is soooo cute.
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