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Saturday, October 15, 2005
  Warm wishes from the couch
Well, I have spent the majority of the day sitting right here on my couch (god bless the person that invented the wireless card for laptops). Funkbobito and I have both had crazy schedules this week so we were both looking forward to a nice relaxing day. And that we have had. I think we have left the our couch about 3 times all day and I am loving this life.

Tonight we had simple grilled steaks, roasted red potatoes, and some peas (sounds a bit Donna Reed I know). Anyways, we are heading out to meet up with friends after our Jayhawks finish this pitiful game. Don't get me started on my alma mater's football team...

Anyways I have not done much cooking the last few days. Thursday we were both too tired to cook anything so we went out. Last night we went to a dinner party and I actually made something. I planned a picture but the funny thing about Italian feasts, a lot of wine leads to guests who are unwilling to wait for the little blogger to take some artistic picture. So I decided to snap a pic of our hostess enjoying my Chocolate Eclair Cake. It is a totally non-foodie kind of recipe but one of the best desserts ever. It was gone in no time.
Well tomorrow I have no big cooking plans, but I am planning the Pumpkin Bars Joe had on his site over at Culinary in the Desert. So hopefully I can make those and a few other new recipes this week. And I may have to try for another loaf of bread some time soon. Well, I guess I am just starting a new barley (and hops) based diet until then.
Enjoy the pumpkin bars - they are excellent! :)
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