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Thursday, October 20, 2005
  Shrimp and Chicken and Pumpkin, Oh My!!
Funny how your computer can be working just great one day, and then the next day its not. That is what happened here. My internet security decided earlier this week that Blogger was not a site I should be spending this much time at, apparently. But all is fixed now and we are ready to rock and roll.

I have made lots of new stuff this week. On Tuesday I tried Creole Baked Shrimp from Cooking Light's Super fast Suppers. It is way too easy to be light and one I will make again. I will probably cut back on the Worcestershire a bit because it gave too much of a beefy taste to the dish. I often forget when making quick meals how long the sides I have planned. Like the rice I planned with this. It takes 25 minutes, the shrimp takes like 10. So we decided that rice is an overrated side dish and that a baguette was much better. (I will think ahead next time and have the rice.) So this dinner turned out a success and I can't wait to play with it a bit and figure out how I want the sauce to taste.
Well Wednesday I decided to try something a little fancier and it was a bit of a let down. I will get to the chicken I made in a second, but I need to share with you all the plight of a potato in my household.
I fancy myself a budding little cook. However the spud had eluded me from day one. Everyone assures me that they are the easiest ingredient to work with. Well thanks for making me feel like a moron, but I can not cook with potatoes. Funkbobito is the king of mashed potatoes because mine come out grainy and dry. I have just recently learned to make a respectable baked potato. And half the time it still has some undercooked parts in the middle. I can roast potatoes, I will claim that one, but that's only because I can cook the living daylights out of them with little interaction (that is where our problem usually starts). Well, last night I decided I would try to make twice baked potatoes. Everyone assured me that these were about as easy as any side dish you could make. Oh and I can't forget the lovely tip I got to do the 1st cook of the potatoes in the microwave. Well, once again the potato and I did not see eye to eye (sorry bad pun). I microwaved as everyone told me to and guess what, it wasn't done in the middle (if you guessed that before finishing the sentence, give yourself a few brownie points). So I cook some more, and some more, and some more and they never really got soft in the middle. So I decide I could get it to work. Well, no, I go to scoop out the middles and the potatoes just break into big chunks, taking the skin with them. After a few choice words about the stickin' potato curse I possess, they meet their fate in the trash and I find a bag of mashed potatoes in the cabinet (they really aren't that bad. Its really sad that I know that).
So our potato fiasco was accompanied by Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Vinaigrette by Giada. Well, what to say about this chicken. It was chicken-y. If I ever have a craving for chicken skin this will be the recipe I go to because the skin was fabulous. But the flavor from the balsamic just didn't penetrate the chicken as I would have liked. Oh well. Maybe roasted chicken parts aren't my thing. I am always disappointed by the lack of rich flavor. It looked impressive, but I will not make it again (well once I finish my leftovers).
Well, Joe over at Culinary in the Dessert made these Harvest Pumpkin Bars last week and I have had them on my list. These were a keeper. Sorry about their sorry looking appearance. The icing came out a little thin and then my overheated work place (85 degrees at 6am) caused some sliding. Despite that they tasted great. Very moist and a very yummy, but subtle pumpkin-y flavor. I will whip these up again.
Well another new recipe tonight and hope that it turns out. I will keep you posted.

those Pumkin bars look good. I just told my husband I was thinking of making something with pumpkin tomorrow!
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