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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
  A "hot" night and a guest poster
Well, I made a true rookie mistake tonight (who would have thunk that the metal meat thermometer would be hot after sitting in an oven for almost an hour). As a result I am letting my favorite guinea pig, and future hubby do a guest post. So I now introduce funkbobito...

Well, Punky gets the purple heart tonight; I get the dish washing merit badge. Not too bad of a trade for some good eats. Tonight was a staple with a twist. We delved into the wonderful world of meatloaf. Did you know that you can add some zip to this family favorite, simply by absent-mindedly adding seasoned bread crumbs instead of regular bread crumbs (FYI). Very good all the same.

Accompanying the loaf of meat, we had a very good scalloped potato recipe from cooking light. Now, scalloped potatoes are just plain good, but when you add a double dose of Gruyere how can it not be wonderful?

You may have read on the internet somewhere this week that new words have been added to the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Peanut Butter Milkshake with Chocolate Syrup and Cinnamon Graham Crackers happened to make this years cut. It means damn good dessert. Now, I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so dessert has never scared me. This glass of cold and creamy goodness had me ogling like Homer....I knew that it was the "light" version right off the bat (as I had to make the milkshakes due to Gimpy, er, Punky), but I wasn't scared. I put the first scoop of ice cream right where it belonged - on the kitchen floor. The 5 second rule gets into a gray area when you deal with food that melts at room temperature. Once the blender stopped smoking and started working, life was good.

Thanks for letting me lose my blog virginity tonight. I never claim(ed) to be a writer. I'm not very good at it in fact. I think I have ADD. Punky thinks, at most, that I am a little OCD. I don't think I'm clean enough. Wanna ride bikes?
Welcome to the wide world of blogging, funkbobito! Hope to see you again soon!

Oh, and the desert looks delish!

Punky, hope you're able to type again soon!
Looks like you fit right in Funkbobito!

Hope your hand gets better soon Punky!
I'd totally ride a bike with a guinea pig. Do I get to keep him in a bike basket or does he have his own teeny bike?
Great post! Punky's clearly lucky to have you :) Hee hee. Now, about the ice cream on the kitchen floor.... :p

And I think we've had a few lessons in the "if you put a pan in the over for an extended period of time, the handle will get hot, yes..." arena.
The Husband-to-Be is funny!
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