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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
  We got fancy
Well last night we had one of our fancier meals of late. Between meals of Chipotle, grilled cheese and hamburgers, we decided (well actually I decided) that we needed to get some nicer meals in our repertoire this week.

I have made stuffed chicken one time before and it was not a great experience. The filling that time was gross and I cut all the way through the chicken so had to pound it out and roll the stuffing into it. To say the least, I was not left with a huge desire to stuff chicken breasts again. That is until yesterday. The urge finally came and we whipped up Brie and caramelized Onion Stuffed Chicken Breasts (CL). The filling was fantastic (but really can anything with Brie not be fantastic). It did not take anywhere close to 30 minutes for the onions to brown, but I did use my v-slicer so maybe they were too thin. If I hadn't been trying to keep this a low fat recipe I would have caramelized the onions in butter rather than the oil, but it still was fantastic tasting. Of course I cut all the way through the chicken breast again, but I made it work. The wine and chicken broth sauce was great on the chicken, just adding a bit of sauce makes everything better.

We served it with Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges (CL) and some sauteed spinach. I swear one of these days I am going to figure out how much fresh spinach I need for that. The 1st time I made it and had only about 2 bites, total. This time I tried to make a lot more and still ended up with about 2 bites for each of us (if I hadn't shared it, I would have a decent sized serving).

Well today we are hoping for some fresh tomatoes so we can put them to good use. The ones at our store are the gross ones that have absolutely no flavor. My fiance's coworker might still have some on her plants. So it could be an interesting dinner.

And off the subject of food, thought I would share a few movie reviews from my most recent rentals.
Sahara- good action film that actually has some what of a plot. I really enjoyed this one.
Kinsey- WOW. I can see why this movie received such attention at the awards this year. Liam Neeson was amazing and the movie was great. If you are a bit more conservative, you may not like this movie as much, it can be quite explicit at times (being that it is all about his sex studies). I am so glad we rented this one.
And I bought Muppets Take Manhattan because it is one of my all time favorites.
"Kinsey" followed by "Muppets Take Manhattan". Nice combo.

Thanks for posting a picture of that chicken. It looks as good as it sounds.
Those chicken breasts look amazing. I might have to try them.
I also just LOVED Kinsey.
Quite the movie selection! I've got Sahara on my netflix queue. Hopefully it comes up fast - we've been wanting to see it!
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