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Thursday, September 08, 2005
  Comfort with a wtist
When making the menu this week my fiance requested both mac and cheese and BLT's. I think he probably intended to have them 2 separate nights, but I said, why not make night of comfort food. Well, the BLT's almost seemed like a no-go because there was not a decent tomato to be found in these parts. I finally broke down and went to WIld Oats and spent extra, but it was well worth it.
Though I would have been perfectly happy with my blue box of mac and cheese, I decided to pull out the apron and make real mac and cheese. So I turned to the internet and found this smoked gouda mac and cheese from Cooking Light. It had a really creamy texture and was easy to put together. It could have used a little kick (or even just a bit more salt), but it was still quite yummy last night. And I am looking forward to the leftovers today.

So I got my comfort food in, but dressed it up just a bit. I am working late tonight so nothing new to cook till tomorrow. Check back to see if we go the way of the grill or the mexican.
That smoked gouda mac n cheese is awesome! We made that a few weeks ago and throughly enjoyed the leftovers!
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