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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  It's gettin' hot in here...
...but I will be keeping my clothes on since this is a blog about food, and I think I'm supposed to charge you to view the other kind.

Well I have told you all that I am trying to overcome my kitchen fears so I thought I would show you the apron I bought on my trip to DC to keep me motivated. This is my first real apron and I love it. This is one of my favorite vintage type posters so what better place to display it than on me while I am cooking.

So as one of my many adventures I am working towards, I am going to roast peppers. These are the peppers. I got 10 of them for only 1.30. Pretty good. They are from Hatch, NM and I can't wait to fire up the grill and cook them up. I believe they are Anaheims. The samples they had were great (mixed with Mexican cheese, so really there was no way I wasn't going to end up liking them) and these will hopefully be worth the bit of work that they will take to make.

This week has been pretty busy so nothing exciting to report so far, but tomorrow should be good. I am making a chinese pork from the Sept issue of Cooking Light. Should be good, now if I could just figure out how to make an acceptable fried rice, I might be able to quench the never ending craving I have for it. Damn you PF Changs for adding addictive drugs to your fried rice.

ha! I've always loved Rosie the Riveter
Love the apron! Good luck with roasting the peppers - can't wait to hear how they come out!
Great apron! And did you just damn PF Changs? Oh my, it's getting ugly now... :p Hee hee.
WHERE did you get that fabulous apron!! I love it and must have one!! :)
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