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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
  Frozen tomato pops...not as tasty as you'd think.
Ok, just for the record I did not make some weirdo church cookbook recipe for tomato popsicles. Since I am leaving town early Thursday morning, this week is all easy foods that leave no leftovers. So last night I had to go to my all time favorite, the mac and cheese (powdered cheese and all).

The "processed" guilt kicked in this morning so I had to make something a little more real tonight. So BLT's were on the menu. We cook the bacon, clean the lettuce, cut up the avocado (so I guess it was a BLTA). My fiance starts to cut the tomato and comments how hard it is. I think nothing of it till he gives me a taste and it was awful. It literally tasted as though it had been frozen and was in the process of defrosting. Since I knew I hadn't frozen it, and nothing else in the fridge was frozen, pretty sure it was just a bad tomato.

So our BLT's became bacon and lettuce sandwiches. I added avocado and Major Grey's Mango Chutney to mine. So dinner was great, but those frozen tomato summer treats on my to-try list are getting the boot.
Sorry about the awful tomato! It sounds like you still had a wonderful sandwich!
For a second there I really thought you made V8 popsicles or something similiar.

Now that would be awful!
Haha - so did I. I was thinking "Gawd, why would anyone make tomato popsicles?? Gross...." :p
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