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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
  The East Coast Tour Part 1
We just got back from our whirlwind tour of DC and rural Pennslyvania. Though we ate out every meal of our trip, I only had 2 restaurants that I felt were worthy of reviewing. But 1st, here is a pic of me bein' smart. This is for my presentation at the confrence.

Ok, so we ate at a few places at Union Station that were less than note-worthy. We also ate at the Dubliner on Capitor Hill. It was an Irish pub at our hotel and it was pretty good. Just basic Irish fare.
But this little place called Legal seafood was by far the best place we ate all trip. We started with an appetizer of steamed mussels that were good, but not great. Then we both got the Crab cake platter. It had scallops, shripm and a Maryland lump crab cake.

The crab cake was delish with just enough fillerto make it stay together and a great fresh crab taste. The shrimp had a good flavor, but was slightly overcooked, but the star of the show were the scallops. They were cooked to perfection! Though this place is a chain, I think it was fabulous.

These deserts were also great. The 1st were Ice Cream Bon Bons, soooooo good. The second was Boston Cream Pie (with extra cream as you can proably see).

Overall, a great dining experience. If I was in a town with a Legal, I would defintly eat there again. More to come on our trip to PA.
Welcome back! Glad you had a nice trip! I want Ice Cream Bon Bons!!! :)
Sounds like you had fun! Good to see you are back safe!
Never been to Legal Seafood, but heard they're good. Maybe it's time to look one up...
I've heard of Legal seafood way down here in Texas. Sounds like a great trip!

What was your presentation over?
My presentation was about therapist conduct (based on my thesis, looking at ethics)
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