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Thursday, August 25, 2005
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Well today was definitely a better day (at least up to this point). I got up early this morning to get some cooking done since I work till 10:30pm both today and tomorrow. I started with Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sausages that were mentioned on Sweetnicks blog earlier in the week. They smell wonderful cooking away in my crock pot. I might saute them briefly next time so they don't get that creepy white look from simmering. I am going to boil up a little pasta to take with me too and dinner is served.

I also made Sports Bars with Dried Fruit and Peanut Butter from Epicurious. I used some dried bananas, raisins and "Tropical Trio" (pineapple and 2 other tropical fruits of some sort, don't remember). I searched for what seemed like 30 minutes (knowing me it was probably about 5) before deciding that I had apparently been robbed and all that was taken were single socks and my 9x9" pan. So I improvised with my loaf pan. Here arises one of my greatest weaknesses. Must read everything before making a recipe (especially any reviews that might be offered). Not until after the bars were in the oven did I find the reviews saying to make sure to press the cereal mixture firmly into the pan or they fall apart. So when all is said and done, they are the best sports chunks I have ever tasted. I will make these again and work on hunting down that dang sock/pan thief and pack in that cereal like I have never packed before.

Well that is all for the next few days so I guess I will wish you all a wonderful weekend. And if you happen to know the thief who took my pan, give them the heads up that my vicious attack dog here will not put up with it again. Doesn't she look vicious?
I know what you mean about the "whitishness" of the sausages ... but most importantly, did you like the dish?
Cute puppy!

Giving the sports bars a good pressing does help some - its too bad they didnt describe that more! I really liked our version too. They even freeze well!

Have a good weekend!
Glad your day was a little better :) The vicious puppy dog certainly would make me return the single socks and pan!
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